We can help you make more money, improve your operation’s equity and provide programs that work for you!


Looking for Capital? Don’t like the options? Worried you are not “big enough” for a reasonable Bulk program? Let’s talk, you have options!

You want capital for YOUR business and not a new partner running it?

You’re at point A. What and where is point B?

BHPH Consulting Services wants to help you determine your point B and help you get there.

We can help make a new plan or work to determine where you are in your plan.

Then we will work with you to execute and reach your goals.

See how we can help you

It’s All About Providing Great Customer Service.


You As The Dealer Can Now Sell Your Notes but Not Your Customers.



To a New Bulk Program Where You The Dealer Collects!

We purchase loans that are typically 6-12 months after the issue date and we allow the servicing and collection activities to remain with the originating dealer/finance company. We offer the dealer some liquidity by purchasing the loans but allow them to maintain the relationship with the borrower; we’re basically transparent to the borrower. We also pay a service fee of 5% of collections to the dealer for the service work.

The Bulk Buying Process

Our Three Step Process…


Step One

Submit your loan portfolio and one of our team members will grade it within 24-48 hours of submission. The process usually takes less than 24 hours, but sometimes we have larger volumes come through and have to put deals in a Que to be graded.


Step Two

After we receive a signed Letter of intent (LOI) from a dealer or finance company, Please kindly provide us the information we request from you in A TIMELY MAnner. Failure to do so will result in funding delays of a deal.


Step Three

After our due DILIGENCE process is completed, you can upload your documents and after 48 hours of VERIFICATION our team will SEND YOU CLOSING DOCUMENTS AND FUNDING WILL BE ON THE WAY.

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